11 Great Reasons to Choose Solumbra.

  1. Tested in Real Sunlight.

    Every Solumbra fabric has been tested in real sunlight.

  2. All Day Protection.

    Solumbra offers all-day 100+ SPF protection against dangerous UV rays.

  3. Doctor Recommended.

    Thousands of doctors have recommended Solumbra.

  4. Sun Smart Design.

    No design detail is overlooked when it comes to protecting you from sun damage.

  5. Broad Spectrum

    Solumbra offers true UVA/UVB protection, blocking greater than 98% of UV rays.

  6. Soft and Comfortable.

    Solumbra feels as soft and light as silk. Solumbra fabric wicks away moisture and perspiration.

  1. UV Protection that Lasts.

    Solumbra offers greater than 100+ SPF even after 500 launderings, 500 simulated days of sun exposure.

  2. Easy Care.

    Cool wash, line dry, and it's ready to go.

  3. Ventilated.

    Many Solumbra items have ventilating mesh to circulate cooling air around you.

  4. Travel Friendly.

    Solumbra is easy to pack and lightweight.

  5. Sewn in the USA.

    Many of our products are sewn in the USA, including our Seattle factory.*

*The six products we don't make in our Seattle, USA factory are our parasols and gloves.

Solumbra vs. Sunscreen
Which would you choose?

Solumbra and
4 dollops of sunscreen

badwater runner

Running shorts and
44 dollops of sunscreen

sunscreen dollops

Note: A single sunscreen application is based upon 3mL for face and neck and 33mL for total body. One dollop is approximately 3mL, or the volume of a stack of 4 quarters. All-day sun protection translates into four applications. Always apply sunscreen to skin exposed to the sun, not to skin directly covered by Solumbra. Sunscreen dollops not to scale.