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About Shaun Hughes

Nearly thirty years ago, I was diagnosed and treated for malignant melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. Fortunately, it was removed in time. And I've been skin cancer free.

Solumbra sun protective clothing is designed to help people like you and me obtain medically accepted sun protection that we can rely on each and every day. I garnered the expertise of leaders in sun protection to create this solution. At its core, Solumbra is medical science and technology. It's not just clothing. Thousands of doctors have recommended Solumbra and many have used it themselves.

Because Solumbra's soul is a medical solution, we adhere to a time-honored tradition that medical advancement should be based on research and testing carried out in U.S. laboratories. Solumbra has undergone a variety of challenging UV laboratory tests. Many past results have been published and presented at photomedicine lectures.

So enjoy our Solumbra hats, shirts and pants to protect your skin from the sun's dangerous UV rays.

signature of Shaun Hughes
Shaun Hughes, President, Sun Precautions, Inc.