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“Sun Precautions was the innovator, with its Solumbra line.”

The New York Times ©The New York Times Company. Reprinted with permission.

  • Sun-Smart Design
  • No design detail is overlooked when it comes to protecting you from sun damage. That's why our shirts have longer sleeves, high backed collars, neck gussets and carefully placed ventilation panels. Plus, our pants are long and our hats have wide brims or long neck drapes.

  • Wicking
  • Solumbra fabric wicks away moisture and perspiration to keep you cool and comfortable—even in summer heat.

  • Dry/Wet Protection
  • Solumbra maintains its 100+ SPF protection even when wet. Plus, we have a special line of apparel designed specifically for use in water.

  • Soft & Light
  • Solumbra feels as soft and as light as silk. In fact, some of our long-sleeved shirts weigh 25% less than a typical short-sleeved polo shirt.

  • Built-In 100+ SPF
  • Solumbra's 100+ SPF sun protection is mechanically built into the fabric, not applied as a chemical treatment, so the sun protection won't wear off.

  • Easy Care
  • Wash it by machine or by hand in cool water. It won't shrink and it dries quickly, making it ideal for travel.

  • Ventilation
  • Our most active styles are designed with mesh-ventilated panels—strategically located on the front, back, under the arms, and even sides—to promote airflow, wick away moisture and keep out unwanted UV rays.

  • It's so lightweight and comfortable you'll forget it's a medical solution.
  • But it is. In fact, Solumbra meets published medical guidelines and it entered the marketplace as a medical solution in 1992.

  • How do you make a medical solution lightweight and comfortable?
  • That's the question we ask ourselves constantly. For inspiration we first turn to you—our customers—because we know that many of you don't just wear Solumbra on occasion, you live in it—all day, every day. Which means it must provide serious sun protection, functionality and comfort for all the things you like to do — from running ultramarathons to running to the store.