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Compare Solumbra to Other Sun Protective Clothing

Solumbra by Sun Precautions is a superior choice to other sun protection clothing options

  • Solumbra now offers 100+ SPF protection. This is all day sun protection even for the world’s most sun sensitive patients. Solumbra offers “Excellent” UPF protection, too.
  • Solumbra has been subjected to 500 laundering and UV day durability cycles. U.S. test standards for UPF claims require only 40 cycles.
  • Solumbra has received amazing accolades from leading magazines and newssources.
  • Solumbra was reviewed under medical regulations in 1992 and successfully entered the marketplace. Dermatologists embraced the all day sun protection.
  • Solumbra blocks more than 98% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Solumbra’s core fabric is patented. The sun protection is built in, not a coating that can wash off or wear out.
  • Solumbra was invented by Shaun Hughes, a malignant melanoma skin cancer survivor, to protect himself and others from the dangers of overexposure to dangerous UV rays.
  • Solumbra is exceptionally soft and comfortable. The fabrics are easy care and a dream to pack and use on a trip.
  • Solumbra is carefully designed and engineered to promote airflow and warm weather comfort.
  • Many of Solumbra’s products have specially located an engineered ventilation panels to allow air to enter and exit the garment to help you deal with peak summer heat. This is one of the reasons why Solumbra is the choice of serious athletes, including runners in the demanding Badwater Ultramarathon that starts in the bottom of Death Valley in the middle of summer, when temperatures hover over 120 degrees, and ends 135 miles later.
  • Solumbra is made in a special factory in Seattle, WA.
  • Solumbra has been reviewed for its sun protection in medical presentations and published medical journals. Other companies pay an annual fee to a skin cancer prevention organization to obtain the right to put a seal on their products that their fabrics are 30 UPF or higher and the hat brim is 3" or greater.

Solumbra Sun Protective Clothing Comparison

Solumbra Company C Company M Company MM
Sun Protection Claim 100+ SPF 50+ UPF 50+ UPF 70+ SPF
Tested at 3 SPF
Verification of Sun Protection Government Agency Paid endorsement that product is 30+ UPF Paid endorsement that product is 30+ UPF None
Country of Manufacturing USA* PR China PR China Unknown
Design focus Ventilation and comfort
Worn by world class athletes.
Moderate Sportswear High End NYC clothing Maternity
Fabric Durability Cycle Testing:
Laundering and UV Exposure
500 Cycles 40 Cycles 40 Cycles Unknown
Medical Research (published or presented) Ten None None None
Designs meet published medical guidelines Yes Many Don’t No No
Designed for sun sensitive patients Yes In some cases No No

* Some Solumbra items are imported—parasols, gloves and straw hats

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